Cyber Threats to Democracy?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jayson Wylie


I feel everyone wants to believe in the electoral process of having a representative government elected by the people for the people.

I apologize for anyone who has ever mistaken ‘The Onion’ as factual news but this clip here shines light onto my perspective a little.

Security gaps, with potential for fraud, in the electoral process may pave way for manipulation of the tally either through partisanship, activism or even foreign influence.

Through my research I am not so much concerned with a foreign manipulation of the US voting process with the exception of possible non-citizen votes living domestically.

There have been rumors of threats to affect the election from hacktivists with a general beef against the government or just making ‘Project Mayhem’ live up to its name.

It seems that there are concerns to protect the public infrastructures, establishments and military from cyber threats but I see very little concern for protecting the one sure freedom we still have… being able to put in our representative vote.

Dark Reading released an article that can be seen here and although it doesn’t go into specific details on how this would be accomplished it shines a great deal of light into my concerns with the general way we treat security in the electoral process.

I believe if there is an operation going on to subvert the process to create a fraudulent outcome, beyond the typical antics of partisan campaign participants, it would be already be able to be looked into. 

Then again, as easy as I believe it is to manipulate the stored electronic vote, especially in states without duplicate paper record, it could come from US citizens themselves acting on behalf of the political party.

Seems notorious but it really isn’t out of the realm of possibility with the history of how things have and do go with American partisan politics.

I highly encourage anyone to look into the current mechanisms which count the people’s vote state-by-state, but even more I encourage the security industry and public to voice outrage for not putting security first in our sacred democratic election process. 

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