Social Media Security Risks for Small Business

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Robert Siciliano


For more than a decade, cyber criminals have launched countless attacks on banks’ online infrastructure, successfully one-upping security professionals and their clients by creating viruses that bypass existing security measures.

In response, computer security companies have continuously updated their technologies to address new cyber threats.

However, one major variable that technology cannot control is the human element. Sure, many of existing computer security technologies help protect consumers, banks and small businesses from human errors like accidentally downloading a virus, or social engineering tricks designed to fool targets into clicking infected links, by warning users about potentially dangerous webpages and phishing emails. But no computer security technology or privacy policy can prevent people and employees from exposing all their lives’ details on social media websites.

When internet criminals target an organization, they start by looking for vulnerabilities in the network’s infrastructure. Beyond that, they target a business’s employees and customers by using information freely provided on the corporate site and collected through social media.

Once they have gathered enough information about a target, hackers use that data to circumvent all the IT security technologies meant to protect users. Below are some things you can do as a small business owner to reduce your social media security risks.

Implement IT Security Policies.

Social media is a great platform for connecting with existing and potential clients. However, without some type of policy in place that regulates employee access and guidelines for appropriate behavior, social media may eventually be completely banned from every corporate network. Teach effective use by provide training on proper use and especially what not do too.

Train IT Personnel.

Effective online security policies begin from the top down. Those responsible for managing technology need to be fully up to speed with social media security risks.

Maintain UpdatedITSecurity.

Whether hardware or software, anti-virus or critical IT security patches make sure your business network is up to date.

Lock Down Online Privacy Settings.

Most social networks have privacy settings that need to be administered to the highest level. Default settings generally leave your computer security wide open for attack.

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ambreen 11 When internet criminals target an organization,they target a business’s employees and customers by using information freely provided on the corporate site and collected through social media. This tutorial will helpful for such attacks. Thanks
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