Who Needs Words for Wars?

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Jayson Wylie


This article holds little validity in my mind and I’m sure that runs up the chain of the United States Government to President Obama who is the only one, at this time, that seems to be able to have a majority consensus for a direction or secret directives for Cyberspace activities, rules and laws.

I can only express my personal beliefs about this and there is still no precedent to an attack on critical infrastructure to the extent that the engagement would or could become, ‘More than slap fighting’.

This is not Cyber. It’s electronic warfare which encompasses all the other utilities and tools of war in the arsenal. 

It is a better term because all the typical deceit, fraud and electronic gain that goes on versus a situation where electronics are used to cripple or disable critical infrastructures would... and should... be received with an alternate mindset than, ‘Well, they are all in the perimeter!’

State supported acts or attacks launched from the sovereign boundaries, of a said state, that can cause domestic civilian unrest, lesser postures of personal safety or damage requiring expensive corrections is a big jump from the typical hacks of both states and their citizen base up until now with the exception of a few termed weapons.

There would not have to be a structured doctrine of progressive acts and responses to the situation in a Chess Master series of strategies. 

Any sovereign country under attack doesn’t need a litmus test against other state-centered policy and I would prefer to generalize the words of the Great Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman ‘Make them Howl’.

Seems Iran, Russia, and China are at the core of these activities and the US at center but to publish a stance of posturing words and plans for the unknown/unknown quadrant in order to proceed with some sort of warfare in a civil style is absurd. 

These are not the only countries involved with or victimized by the efforts towards the Internet based attack vector.  If I was the president and could make all the secret plans of mice and men I would just state ’Put them in the dark’.

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