Chinese Whispers, Chinese Lies: Analyzing Mandiant's APT1 Report

Monday, March 25, 2013

Oliver Rochford


(SecurityWeek) - In the weeks since the Mandiant APT1 Report was released, the conclusions presented by Mandiant have been extensively repeated and commented on by pretty much everyone. Worryingly, the narrative was accepted almost unequivocally, brushing aside many inconsistencies and disregarding any opposing interpretations. In the case of most of the commentators, it appeared they had either only briefly skipped through or not even read the original report.

The foremost problem with the Mandiant report is that it relies on a view of China and the Chinese Cyber-Operations that has very little to do with situational conditions on the ground. It clings on to the stereotype of a regimented, centralized China with total top down control. If that China ever existed, that is certainly not the case now.

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