CISOs Share Top 10 Tips for Managing IT Security Vendors

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Austin-based start-up Wisegate, a private, practitioner-based IT research service for qualified senior technology professionals, released a report that provides top 10 tips from leading CISOs to help IT professionals manage security vendors. Amid the growing volume of vendor sales hype, Wisegate’s study shows how security veterans can deal with vendor noise, budgets and managing vendor relations. In this latest report, Wisegate makes available Members’ vendor experiences and recommended practices—that are typically shared only between members.

Getting the right IT product is essential for the health of any company. This is particularly so in IT security, where an ever-changing threat and compliance landscape leads to the continuous evolution and need for new products and tools. Finding the right product at the right time is a complex endeavor—but fundamentally success will be defined by how well the security practitioner manages the vendor and navigates the marketing hype to find the right solution.

“Security vendors are always trying to sell us the latest and greatest gadgets but I need solutions, not hype,” said Candy Alexander, Wisegate Member, and longtime CISO at several industry leading companies, including Long Term Healthcare Partners. “By talking with my peers, through a convenient channel like Wisegate, I can sort through all the hot air to find the vendors that will work with my existing infrastructure, meet my budget requirements and have a demonstrated track record of solving problems versus creating new ones.”

This report features the latest practitioner tips that cover a critical aspect of their work, “Managing the Vendor” with advice in three key areas:

•   Managing the hype
When are new products necessary and how do you find the right one? CISOs provide tips on how to find the right product for the job.

•   Managing the budget
How do you make good decision with limited budgets? Security veterans offer advice on budget management – including challenging the conventional “use-it-or-lose-it” budget mentality.

•   Managing the vendor relationship
Products and tools are licensed just once but the relationship with the vendor is an ongoing process. CISOs share strategies for getting the most from vendor relationships.

Wisegate is an invitation-only community where senior IT security professionals exchange knowledge and solve problems with their peers. By enforcing strict membership guidelines, which exclude vendors from joining, Wisegate is able to provide members with unmatched access to senior-level IT professionals and quality content.

“Like all security leaders, Wisegate CISO members face challenges selecting the right vendor—and find benefits from the ability confer with others—to get advice and learn from the experiences and successes of their peers,” said Sara Gates, Founder and CEO of Wisegate. “Being part of the Wisegate expert network keeps senior IT practitioners abreast of evolving strategies and informed on which approaches their peers find effective. In-depth discussions on the challenges and strategies can be used to forge productive relationships with vendors.”

The full report is available here in PDF format.

SOURCE: Wisegate

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