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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jason Clark


Security Advisor Alliance is a nonprofit group of Top security leaders from the Global 1000 who have come together to donate time each week to help our peers in any area of security as a pro-bono service.  

We focus on collaborating with the security community. By revealing the secrets of the world’s most consistently secure organizations, and sharing the latest cybercriminal tactics, we can help organization transform to meet today’s challenges. 

A website, Linkedin group, roundtable dinners and a bi-weekly podcast series with the primary aim to focus on security news and the industry to demystify the complex world of information security.  A fortnightly podcast will be run with regular presenters and guests from around the world of infosec.  We will discuss the top news stories, some best practice and new ideas on how we can improve our security programs.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Listen and subscrbie to our first 3 podcasts here.

We welcome your ideas on content and participations on the podcasts.  

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Security Advisor Alliance
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