New Global Initiative Aims at Securing Smart Cities

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Eduard Kovacs


Security researchers, companies and organizations have joined forces in a new non-profit global initiative whose goal is to secure smart cities.

Backed by Kaspersky Lab, IOActive, Bastille, Symantec, the Cloud Security Alliance and others, the Securing Smart Cities (SSC) initiative’s goals include educating cities and providers on the importance of security best practices, building partnerships between stakeholders, promoting the introduction of security into a project’s development lifecycle at an early stage, and creating standards, guidelines and resources for improving cybersecurity in smart cities.

Securing Smart Cities

Intelligent solutions are increasingly used to make cities safer, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and comfortable. Saudi Arabia, for example, is investing tens of billions of dollars to build smart cities.

However, experts warn that many of the IT organizations working on such solutions neglect security, leaving smart cities vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Members of the Securing Smart Cities initiative believe security should be made a priority from the early stages to avoid having to deal with costly and complex issues in the future.

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