Webinar: Top 5 Myths of ICS Cybersecurity - Debunked!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mike Lennon


Webinar: The Top 5 Myths of ICS Cybersecurity – Debunked!

What are the top five ICS cybersecurity myths, and are they hindering you from securing your industrial process control environment?

Industrial control systems (ICS) are certainly under assault. There are numerous public examples – the most recent being the WannaCry ransomware attack that successfully penetrated process control networks and, in limited cases, slowed or shut down production. This attack was a wake-up call for industrial process industries as WannaCry exposed the immaturity of and misconceptions surrounding ICS cybersecurity strategies today.

Join us for a live webinar on June 14 at 1PM ET to hear from a panel of industry experts that will:

- Identify popular ICS cybersecurity myths that leave the systems that matter most in a facility vulnerable.

- Examine each myth and provide specific kill chain examples (including WannaCry) that expose these myths for what they are.

- Provide best practices that companies can adopt to help secure their ICS environments from both outsider and insider threats.

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Mike Assante - Director of Critical Infrastructure and ICS, SANS Institute 

Mike Assante

Michael Assante currently manages the SANS Industrials and Infrastructure practice area and is the lead for the Industrial Control System (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) security curriculum. Previously he served as vice president and chief security officer of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), where he oversaw industrywide implementation of cyber security standards across the continent. Before joining NERC, Mike held a number of high-level positions at Idaho National Laboratory and served as vice president and chief security officer for American Electric Power. His work in ICS security has been widely recognized.

Jason Howard-Grau - CISO, PAS Global, LLC 

Jason Howard-GrauJason Howard-Grau is the chief information security officer at PAS, Inc. Jason is a veteran technology leader with more than 22 years of cybersecurity and advisory experience within both operational and information technologies. Prior to joining PAS, Jason was the CISO at MOL Group, an integrated oil and gas company with operations in over 30 countries, where he owned and developed the company’s cybersecurity strategy. Prior to MOL Group, Jason held information technology (IT) leadership positions at both Burberry and Vodafone, where he was Global Head of Cyber Security Operations & Program Delivery. Previously, Jason was a Senior Advisor at KPMG focusing on IT and cybersecurity within the Financial Services, Petrochemical, and Telecommunication sectors.

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