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Monday, February 22, 2010

Fred Williams


I thought I would post a quick blog on my training class information that I won through  This proves that real people win contests on this great site.  If you ever get the opportunity to sign up for a contest here, you should do it.

My training class is being provided by Global Knowledge here in Raleigh.  I've taken classes at Global Knowledge in the past and from my experience, this group really has their act together.   Really smart instructors at state of the art facilities provide hands on lab work as well as books and one - on - one teaching.  I did have the opportunity to take online classes and I think online is the way to go.  But, since I'm in the Raleigh area, I could enjoy time at GK headquarters.

My contact person at GK informed me that I could take a wide variety of courses but staying true to information security and my sponsors here at, I narrowed my choices to security related classes.  Here is GK course listings for security courses:

I decided to take the Certified Ethical Hacker course which is extremely popular.  I'm not sure what the certification is or why a certification is being offered but it sounded like a, interesting class.  You learn how to footprint organizations, perform reconnaissance missions like port scanning and other activities.  5 full days of action packed hacking.

I'll post daily blogs on the course when I take it in August. Stay tuned!

Thanks again!

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Anthony M. Freed Congratulations Fred!

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Soumitri Murthinty Congrats Fred!!

That's great news for other "InfoSecScions"!! It will spur others to contribute .. I have started worked on mine!!
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