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Friday, March 19, 2010

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This weekend, will feature our own Anthony M. Freed, Editor and Business Development Director for the Infosec Island Network.

Anthony is being honored for his active participation as a member of BusinessWeek's Business Exchange, with over 3000 contributions.  This is the sixth time Anthony has been selected as a featured user by their editorial staff.

Anthony is a researcher, analyst and freelance writer living in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, who founded in 2008, and merged forces with the Infosec Island Network in January of 2010.

Prior to founding ISR, Anthony received notoriety as a financial and business freelance journalist, including having numerous articles published by leading media syndicates such as The Chicago Sun-Times, Seeking Alpha, InvestorCentric, OpenSalon, Bear Market Investments, Alacra Pulse, ML-Implode, Reuters, and dozens more.

In January of 2009, Anthony began writing a series of articles questioning the timing of Heartland Payment Systems CEO’s 2009 stock sales that occurred during the same period as a massive network breach was reported to have occurred. One Month later, the SEC announced an investigation into those sales, and Anthony’s articles were later cited as Scienter Evidence in an investor initiated class action lawsuit (See Items 117-119 from HEARTLAND PAYMENT SYSTEMS, INC. SECURITIES LITIGATION ).

Anthony has worked as a consultant to senior members of product development, secondary and capital markets from the largest financial institutions in the country, and he had a front row seat to the bursting of the credit bubble.

Contact Anthony at regarding all aspects of business development, client and community relations. Many opportunities are currently available for business and strategic alignment at Infosec Island.

Infosec Island is committed to serving the risk mitigation needs of SMBs and mid-market enterprises across numerous industries, government agencies, legal, financial, healthcare, educational, nonprofit organizations, and the information security community at large.

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K S Abhiraj That's great Mr Anthony !
Fred Williams This is really good news, Anthony.
Terry Perkins Congratulations, Anthony!
Anthony M. Freed Thanks to all - I just try to generate attention and direct it towards all of you here, the inhabitants of the Island - so please keep writing quality articles, commenting regularly, and participating in the forums, and I'll keep working to get us noticed - Cheers!
Mourad Ben Lakhoua Congratulations Anthony,Amazing achievement!
Ted LeRoy Congratulations on your recognition Anthony!

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