IslandPKI Engine Drives Secure Data Transfer for BlackBerry

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anthony M. Freed


Research In Motion (RIM) has announced the implementation of a secure data transfer application for its BlackBerry Smartphone using the same encryption protocol developed by Media Sourcery, which is the basis for Infosec Island's own IslandPKI service.

The system is currently in full swing at Odyssey HealthCare, and is being used to collect and securely transfer medical information collected during home healthcare visits, but the application is suitable for a variety industries.

"Though this case study is centered on the healthcare vertical, the business value discussed within it is obviously applicable to many vertical markets," explained Media Sourcery's Chairman and CEO, Larry Ketchersid, who partnered with Infosec Island in 2009 to develop IslandPKI.

IslandPKI allows members to send and receive secure, encrypted messages and documents to other Island members, and was specially adapted for Infosec Island. The IslandPKI service can be extended and integrated into your existing business processes, and can easily be built in to your web apps, integrated with your mobile devices, tied into your critical systems and more.

"Our solutions run on Blackberry, Symbian and other mobile platforms, and on portals like Infosec Island. The technology supporting IslandPKI is the same utilized in our mobile solution," Ketchersid stated.

"While most of Infosec Island's user community would be comfortable interacting with the layers of security as the RIM case study shows, many business users in the world are not. With these two solutions the security that we all know is needed can be propagated to users without intimidating them with technology."

Ketchersid indicates there are more features on the way, and that the real power of the application is its versatility, and the ease at which it can be assimilated with existing data systems.

 "We are working with our customers to extend the solution," said Ketchersid.  

"On the client side, we are integrating Bluetooth devices such as blood pressure cuffs and oxygen saturation device directly into our mobile application, increasing the point-of-care data collection. On the backend, since we deliver the data in XML format (after decryption), we and our customers are able to integrate into a wide range of back end systems, databases and data warehouses."

IslandPKI is vastly superior to SSL protocols, which merely secure the transmission, thus leaving the data exposed if intercepted. IslandPKI encrypts the data at rest and in motion, so even if the transmission is intercepted, the data is completely secure.

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