Top 10 Jobs For Criminal Hackers

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Robert Siciliano


So you wanna go to the dark side? You’ve been hearing all about this hacking thing and you’d like to impress your girlfriend and show her how you can hack into corporate databases eh? Well, first if you are nodding your head, you’re an idiot. Second, chances are better than ever that you’ll get caught. Law enforcement is actually getting pretty good at finding the bad guy. In the meantime, the FBI posted the top jobs in computer crime and the bad guys are hiring.

They need:

1. Programmers: They are the dudes that write the actual viruses that end up on your PC because you were surfing porn or downloading pirated software off of torrents.

2. Carders: the most visible of criminals who distribute and sell stolen data to whoever is willing to take it and burn it onto a white card or make purchases over the internet.

3. IT Dudes: these are like any computer professionals who maintain all the hardware to keep the operation running as it should.

4. Criminal Hackers: these are the tech savvy penetration testers who aren’t legitimate penn testers but black hat hackers. They look for vulnerabilities in networks and plant code to exploit the users.

5. Social Engineers: these are the scammers and liars that think up all the different scams and communicate with people via phishing emails.

6. Hosted Systems Providers: are often unethical businesses that provide servers for the bad guy to do his dirty work.

7. Cashiers: provide bank accounts where criminals can hide money.

8. Money Mules: these may be unsuspecting Americans who act as shipping managers and do the dirty work for the bad guy and open bank accounts too. Sometimes the mule may be foreign and travel to the US specifically to open bank accounts.

9. Tellers: Help transfer and launder money through digital currency’s such as e-gold.

10. Bosses: These are the Mafia Dons. They run the show, bring together talent, manage, delegate, tell people what to do and maybe cut a head or two off.

If this whole writing, speaking and consulting thing doesn’t pan out I know who is hiring.

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Taradan Tazar It's not the dark side. I don't know why people keep thinking it is. Well... Theres two different hackers.
1. The person who does make viruses and show their bf/gf that they are the bad guy.
Plus theres the second side. The one who tries to find and FIX loopholes in the cyber world for the better of the cyber community.
Philip Miller Well till now I am just aware about few names or categories of criminal hacker's job. Here I aware about some more categories.
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