Data Leakage Going Gaga - Update

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ron Baklarz


This is an update to my July 12 post regarding the SIPR-Net data-leakage-gone-data-deluge event in which a soldier, Pfc. Manning, allegedly downloaded over 150,000 classified files and burned them to CD-ROMs disguised in Lady Gaga music CD album jackets, according to the New York Times.

As the result of this earlier security breach, a classified video of a deadly 2007 helicopter attack in Baghdad was leaked to and then was posted on the Internet. 

Just as the Gulf oil spill continued to gush for far too long and destroy the environment, this or a similar "data gusher" from classified sources continues to spew and destroy the digital landscape.

News agencies across the wire reported last night (July 25, 2010) that some 90,000 classified documents have been posted on  Only this time, government officials indicate that the content of these documents "put lives at risk."   

I should point out that no one has yet linked this latest posting of over 90,000 documents to the earlier Pfc. Manning incident, but it sure seems to be related based on the numbers of files purported to be compromised by the Pfc. Manning breach.

The thousands of leaked documents focus on the U.S. policies relating to Pakistan and Afghan and the efforts in the Afghan war and officials indicate "that it may take days to comb through all the documents to see what they mean to the U.S. war effort and determine their potential damage to national security."

WikiLeaks said the leaked documents "do not generally cover top-secret operations." The site also reported that it had "delayed the release of some 15,000 reports" as part of what it called "a harm minimization process demanded by our source," but said it may release the other documents after further review.

If it makes you feel any better, a Reuters report indicates that most of the 91,000 leaked documents appeared to be classified at the SECRET level and not at higher levels of military classification.

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