Rare Opportunity: CISSP Classes with Shon Harris

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roman Zeltser

Are you interested in CISSP certification training? Get one from Shon Harris, the infamous author of "All-in-One CISSP Certification" Book. Get in class or online starting at only $1,000!

Download free resources (articles, tips) from Shon Harris personally: http://www.rtek2000.com/courses/CISSPresources.html

CISSP exam is considered one of the most difficult since you have to be ready to answer 250 questions within 6 hrs with only small breaks at your own discretion. It took me 4 months of hard work to get ready for exam.

I used several free and paid materials, wrote multiple notes, extracted various information that could be related to the area of study. If you are thinking about getting CISSP certified, here are my "10 Rules for Success" (full article read here: http://securecyber.blogspot.com/2007/04/i-passed-such-relief.html)


I have developed the "10 Rules for Success", and I feel that some of them helped me to answer most of the questions properly (some of them were posted on the blogs, so I accommodated them for my own interpretation):

1. Read every question AND every answer word by word:

a. You can find a tricky question/answer that you can otherwise miss easily (I had two of them on exam)
b. You will understand better the difference in answers even if they are quite similar (I had 7-10 of those on exam).

2. Skip the long-text questions and the difficult questions and don't spend time on them right away, just put them aside so far.

3. If the question is to find the right answer, eliminate the wrong answers first. If the question is to find the wrong answer, mark all CORRECT answers, first.

4. Control your time, so you can define or change your exam taking strategy on-the-fly.

5. If you answered to the question but still unsure if you are correct, put a large question mark sign next to a question. When you have some time left before deadline, review them again (I have corrected 3 answers).

6. Make sure that you allocate at least 10-15 min for filling out the answers in the answers form.

7. Before the end, check if you filled out ALL answers (it's easy to miss one-two).

In addition:
8. Dress appropriately (bring a warm jacket or sweater just in a case).

9. Have at least 8 hrs of sleep at night before exam and arrive 25-30 min prior to the exam to read through your cram sheet.

10. You will need your confidence during exam. Build your confidence by learning as much as possible and passing the quizzes at the level at least 80%. If you don’t know the correct answer to some of the questions, it must not shake your confidence.

Think like a manager of a large corporation and take your chance choosing one answer based on real-world situations.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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Joel Palmtag Just good general test taking skills for long (especially multiple choice) exams:

Time yourself, and give yourself aprox. 20 minutes before the end of the exam.

Score every answer you know first on a scratch sheet or in the book.

Come back to the short questions that you weren't sure of the first time around.

Finally hit the longer scenario based questions.

Once you've got all the questions answers down (or you're pretty sure on most) or the timer goes off, score your answers on the actual test.

At least that way you've made sure you got credit for all the questions you did know and didn't get stuck on a longer scenario question for so long it prevented you from completing the exam.
Lee Mangold One test taking tip I learned from the CISSP... I'm NOT going to learn anything by reading the question over-and-over again! When I sat for the exam, I finished it in under 3 hours. When I got up to turn in the exam, I mentioned to one of the proctors that "I don't feel good about being first!" to which he replied that he's seen people pass in 2 hours, and fail in 6!

So, that's my advice I guess...Don't try to learn the material during the test. The test is there to certify what you learned BEFORE entering the room...
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