US at High Risk for Computer Attack

Friday, July 30, 2010

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Article by Michael Gregg

With all the talk of the cyber security bill that wound its way through congress, it is interesting to note the findings of the recent Federal Cyber Security Outlook for 2010 survey.

This poll found that 74 percent of respondents believe that a network attack on the government’s IT infrastructure is expected in the next year.

While there is much to debate with regard to these findings, I think we can agree that there is a need for greater network security in the government realm and in the private sector.

The real question is…where do we start? 

With limited funds and budgets tight, every penny spent on IT security must be justified.  One area with good returns can be gained despite limited funds is training and end-user awareness. 

Many attacks are now targeting end-users.  Web 2.0 sites and social sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become much bigger targets in the same way that email used to be (not that it isn’t a target anymore).

Here’s where training can reap big returns. Something as simple as a periodic email, newsletter, or a lunchtime event that occurs once a month can be used to inform users of these current threats and the types of attacks to be aware of.

This type of training can help users spot trends and techniques used by hackers, which can reduce the effectiveness of social engineering and phishing techniques. Like it or not, security has to become a much bigger part of everyone’s computing experience. 

Much like most states require seatbelts while driving in automobiles, safe computing is going to require increased awareness.

Do you provide security training to your end-users?


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Niels Groeneveld "74 percent of respondents who work in national defense and security expected a cyber attack by a foreign nation in the next year"

Strange polls. I would expect a cyber attack by a foreign nation within the next 5 minutes (or sooner) ;)
Ray Tan It is undertaking all the time.End user training is not a one time deal.:)
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