Infosec Island News Digest for 7-31-2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Mandatory Disclosure: A Hazard for Infosec?  Management teams prefer to reduce risk and cost. The legislation forces companies to disclose breaches, but does not force companies to find them. Given these circumstances, a possible option to reduce risk is to decrease the chance that security breaches will be found...

The Windows Support Scam  Recent articles published in the Guardian have revealed that fraudsters are continuing to cold call people, claiming to be a Windows support tech and getting the users to give them remote access to their PCs...

Win a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Course  Infosec Island professionals who have completed their member profiles prior to August 31, 2010 will have the opportunity to win a seat at an exclusive and highly comprehensive cyber security training course being offered by Global Knowledge...

US at High Risk for Computer Attack  Seventy-four percent of respondents believe that a network attack on the government’s IT infrastructure is expected in the next year. While there is much to debate with regard to these findings, there is a need for greater network security...

DTIC and IATAC- Resources for the War on Cyber Terrorism  Originally developed in World War II as a resource on enemy technology, the DTIC has morphed into a valuable - if underutilized - tool for understanding the technology bases for enemy attacks... is a vendor-neutral professional community committed to serving the needs of SMBs and mid-market enterprises, and large corporations across multiple industries, government agencies, educational organizations, legal, financial, and healthcare sectors. Memberhsip is free - join today!

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