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Monday, August 16, 2010

Christiaan Colen


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First off thanks to all the subscribers, the channel has over 700 subscribers. The channel is growing steady.

This time I'll start with a couple of ideas I have for the channel, after that the channel update and channel statistics. Since I've been late writing a new blog post, this post will be a little bit longer then usually. There's alot to write about, so please keep on reading!

But lets start with this video.

1. Channel ideas

I'm thinking of redesigning the channel. At this time the channel has over 3200 videos. Most are from a security conference but there are also a lot of hacking videos. I didn't add all of the uploaded videos to playlists, which makes it sometimes difficult to find them.

By redesigning the channel I mean a different layout. The main goal is to make it more accesible to everyone by making the channel more structured. (ideas are appreciated)

I want to add labels to the videos, so that there's somekind of structure and videos about certain topics can easily be found. Since hacking, security and forensics is a very broad area, maybe there's some kind of breakdown in categories available? (let me know what you think)

In the past weeks I've been searching for youtubers that uploaded videos that I can add to the channel and contacted them with success. I want to widen this search and add more videos from other youtubers, so if you want to be added let me know. As you may have seen credits will be mentioned.

For the channel I've created a facebook group called Hacking Forensic Security. The idea is to share videos posted on the channel and discuss them, it can be about a hack or a talk from a conference. To join click here.

Also want to do more polls on youtube, so that you the viewer/subscriber can let me know what you think. A youtube account is required to vote.

And last but not least try to upload on certain days, so that the viewer/subscriber knows when new videos will be available. This also applies to blog postings.

I have some other ideas that I'm working on but that's for later postings!

2. Channel updates

2.1 Video uploads

Hacking videos:

There are new videos from blackbox246 and mrbrunohacked, ronnieflip available:

A good example of SQL Injection

- Metasploit backdooring


In this video you can see how to use metersploit payloads to build a backdoor using a binary executable file which gives you access to the victim machine.
- Embed trojan into a JPG format


How to hide a Trojan into a JPG File

News videos:

- Russian Today: CrossTalk on Cyber Wars 1/3


On this edition of Peter Lavelle's CrossTalk he asks his guests about spying in the 21st century - What is more dangerous: spies or terrorists on the Internet? And how to deal with both?

- Democracy Now: Washington Post Investigation Reveals Massive US Intelligence System 1/3


An explosive investigative series published in the Washington Post today begins, "The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work."


NICC: The Dutch Approach


About NICC: The National Infrastructure against Cybercrime (NICC) is the Dutch approach to combat cybercrime. The NICC program is a public-private partnership.

The NICC is not involved in the actual fight against cybercrime -- this is the responsibility of all the public and private stakeholders involved.

So what is the purpose of the NICC? The program supports, facilitates and finances initiatives by other public and private organisations that contribute to safer computer-supported work processes.

The NICC brings these organisations together so that they can continue to build the National Infrastructure. They bring their own knowledge and experience to the table.

The NICC's role is to monitor the entire process, to gather and disseminate information and to encourage public and private organisations to share their knowledge.

For more information about NICC look at: http://www.samentegencybercrime.nl/

The English brochure can be found here: http://www.samentegencybercrime.nl/UserFiles/File/NICC%20brochure_uk.pdf

Security Conference:

Black Hat USA 2010: Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux 1/5


The most prevalent attacks on Automated Teller Machines typically involve the use of card skimmers, or the physical theft of the machines themselves. Rarely do we see any targeted attacks on the underlying software.

2.2 Created a facebook group called hacking forensic security

As you maybe read earlier in this post I've set up a group for the channel on facebook. The main goal is more interaction with the uploaded videos from the youtube channel. At this point the group has a few active members.

If the group has more active members I think more videos will be discussed, which can be a good learning experience. If you have suggestions about how to make the group more interactive let me know. Click here to join the facebook group.  

2.3 Poll on youtube channel

I've put a poll called 'What do you want to see changed?' on the channel, I want the channel to be more interactive with the viewers and subscribers. Therefore if you vote and let me know what you think should change, I can consider it when redesigning the channel. It's also possible to add suggestions. Click here to vote now (youtube account required). 

2.4 Added a twitterfeed

Added a twitterfeed to the twitter account of the channel. The feed is a RSS of latest uploads and all playlist. By adding all the playlists the feed will tweet a video multiple times if it consists of multiple parts. Does anyone know how to create a good RSS for youtube that filters videos that consists of multiple parts? The twitter account is christiaan008.

3. Channel statistics

- all videos combined almost 450.000 video hits
- average hits a day between 1400-1800 hits
- in total 22216 page views
- 705 subscribers, when will the channel reach 1000 subscribers, this year? ;-)

Let me know what you think about the channel. If you got any suggestions you can leave a comment, sent me a message on youtube or sent a e-mail .

Till the next posting!


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