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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mike Meikle


I’ve been working steadily on my “Personal Brand” over the last few years.  But this year I have made a concerted effort in publishing articles, both online and in print, within my fields of expertise. 

I have had some very good successes on this front.  I have contributed to articles on Information Technology Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF), Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Smart Grid vulnerabilities. 

To read these articles, just hop over to my “Media Mentions” page.  I have also authored quite a few articles that are directly posted here after they have been published. 

Over the next month or two, additional articles that I have contributed content to are set to be published.  One is on where and how manufacturers should spend their information technology dollars, with an emphasis on software investments. 

Also, I have contributed to a piece that will be published by the American Medical Association (AMA) on what physician practices should focus on regarding information technology and security. 

Writing and publishing my own articles and contributing to others is a key component of my self promotion or “personal branding” strategy.  As most IT and business professionals have seen, having the same certifications or education as the rest of your colleagues does very little to provide the critical market differentiation.

 This differentiation is especially important now, when it is an employers market and recruiters and HR staff have stacks of identical resumes to sort through.  

Writing your own articles is also a very cost effective, i.e. free, way of earning your continuing education or professional development credits for your certification(s). 

The governing bodies of most certifications will provide guidelines on how much and on what you have to write in order to obtain PDU’s or CPE’s.  It is also very easy to be audited since it will be readily available on the Internet. 

There are many ways to break into getting your content published. Of course blogging is one, but if you want more “credibility” you should shoot for getting your articles published in online journals, or better yet, in print. 

Target several publications, find the editor or associate editor’s email address and ask them if they would entertain the idea of you writing for them.  More often than not you’ll only hear crickets chirping, but don’t let that discourage you, eventually you get a hit.

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Andrew Baker Also, if you blog regularly, and comment on pertinent issues, you will sometimes receive offers from publications for your contributions.

So, it is well worth the effort.

Allan Pratt, MBA Mike, great advice. While one's companies may change, the process of personal branding is a lifetime project.
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