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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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By most estimates, 90% of legal evidence resides in computer systems, rather than on paper. Cases involving corporate trade secrets, personal and commercial disputes, employment discrimination, misdemeanor and felony crimes, and personal injury can be won or lost solely with the introduction of recovered e-mail messages and other electronic files and records.

The rate of fraud, abuse and criminal activity on IT systems by hackers, private contractors and even employees is increasing exponentially. For some companies, it is not a question if one of their computers will be used as evidence in a legal matter, it is a question of when.

Like it or not, every computer is a potential crime scene and must be treated with care. When companies need to conduct internal investigations-especially those involving litigation-discovering and maintaining evidence becomes paramount.

Computer Forensics is widely used in prosecutors' offices, law firms, consulting firms, police departments, law enforcement organizations, Immigration and Naturalization Services, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the U.S. Customs Service, among numerous other industries. Corporate IT, Law Enforcement and Information Security Pros are often required to perform computer forensics activities on their jobs.

The Computer Forensics Show, November 1-2, 2010 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, is the don't miss event of the year for all IT Security, Legal, Accounting, Risk Management, Executive and Law Enforcement professionals.

As a media partner, Infosec Island is pleased to help promote this conference.

For IT professionals already familiar with computer forensics, The Computer Forensics Show assembles the leading minds and operational experts in the industry who will inform you about industry developments, technology advances and trends.

For individuals and companies currently not familiar with computer forensics, The Computer Forensics Show will address issues that your organization needs to be aware of and to help you prepare to deal with potential problem areas that may dramatically impact your bottom line.

There Are Six Main Tracks in the Conference:

  • Forensic Accounting - Fraud, Financial Investigations, Compliance, Best Practices, Litigation. Forensic accounting is the number one growing field in accounting today.
  • Legal (A) - EDD, including Litigation and Best Practice Issues.
  • Legal (B) - Emerging Technologies/Litigation, Data/Records Management, Reporting, and Privacy.
  • IT Security - For organizations that are just beginning to encounter security issues and deals with more broad issues effecting organizations today.
  • IT Security Advanced Track - Encompasses more complex and in-depth issues and can highlight the need for additional training.
  • Cyber-crime, Terrorism, and Information Warfare Track - Cyber crime and terrorism as it relates to Homeland Security, public and corporate policy, risk management, and the protection of our nation's critical infrastructures.

Presentation Descriptions and Presenters Biographies:

Register today to attend The Computer Forensics Show, and keep coming back to Infosec Island for the latest in security news, vulnerability alerts, and commentary from industry experts.

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