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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Christopher Burgess


Infosec Island is proud toimage support the charitable work of member Christopher Burgess by highlighting his efforts to leverage several corporate campaigns against hunger.

Just a few minutes of your time can put seven meals on the table...

Food Drive 2010 - Our goal is 35000 meals

In my Virtual Food Drive 2010 your $1 donation, when matched by Libby's will provide 14 meals to a family in need in the United States. You do the math: a $10 donation will enable Feeding America to put 140 meals on the table!

Let's continue with the math - 140 meals means a family of four is fed for more than a week. That's right, seven days of knowing that three meals for each of those days is available from Feeding America, because your $10 donation made it possible.

Recently we spoke of the need to have breakfast, today we need to think of the full day and week.

imagePerhaps today you don't have $1 let alone $10, you can still help.  The good folks at Kraft Foods have initiated their campaign, "Huddle to Fight Hunger."

Their goal is 20 million meals.  When you sign up for their information - that's one meal.  Tweet with the hashtag #KraftFightsHunger  - another meal.  "Like" their Facebook page - another meal.  Watch their YouTube video - another meal.

In the space of minutes you can take the necessary action to move seven more meals onto the table!

Here is one of those videos:

Please join me in my campaign to put 35,000 meals on the table of those in need!

Thank you for your time.

All the best,


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