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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mark Gardner


I might be a little bit of a conspiracy theorist, but the scenario I'm seeing at the moment does seem too much of a coincidence.

We've had the Twitter WormFacebook service failure, and then just recently Foursquare was down , so in a short space of time, each of the major social networks have suffered with either attack or at least publicized technical difficulties.

As I have said, this to me is too much of a coincidence. I guess now, we have the "kudos" of jail breaking Apple products, but from a virus point of view there has been very little. I imagine now the targets are not so much the OS, but the Social networks.

Potentially, the next target could be mobile Apps, there are already reports of Malware in the Android Marketplace, I'm semi surprised there hasn't been an attempt on Apple yet, however given the curation of the store possibly not as much of a target, as it's not so easy.

How long before we see Symantec, McAfee et al, bring out mobile versions of their products? McAfee certainly have some but they seem to be focused on protecting the enterprise rather than the phone itself.

Given the potential integration into the chip set, of AV protection, given Intel's purchase of McAfee, in my opinion it can only be a matter of time before the integration appears on a mobile platform. 

The next big area of expansion for security management has to be the mobile space, it is both our weakest link, however, potentially, a similar size user base to our existing enterprise.

Social Networking brings with it many many benefits, however, with great reward comes great risk, to paraphrase Spiderman, as Security professionals, we need to be on our guard to protect.

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