Notorious Datacenter Servers Support Systems Pwning

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rohit Bansal


Notorious Datacenter Servers Support Systems Pwning through Outer sphere

Exploitation Analysis of Help Desk Systems

The online world has been encountering a massive level of malware attacks in the recent times.

The outbreak of injected malware has reinforced its devastating stance by infecting a large number of websites.

Most of the traces have been found in the websites under shared and virtual hosting which further includes content from third party delivery networks.

Well, its a truth that a minor inherited weakness in applied software can cause havoc if exploited appropriately.

Recent mass level attacks have endorsed this fact. This paper talks about the nature of techniques used by malware writers engaged in performing continuous analysis of differential malware.

The paper aims at knowledge sharing by presenting the layout of datacenter compromises through simple support systems used for assisting the customers.

The reality of support system shows the nature of insecure work functionality which is exploited heavily by malware writers.

This paper is an outcome of real time analysis of compromised systems. This paper has been generalized for security and responsible disclosure reasons.


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