Mac Users Get Massive Security Wake Up Call

Thursday, November 18, 2010



Mac users, who have have long been used to lambasting Windows users over security issues, are getting a big dose of exploit reality this week as Apple releases fixes for 134 vulnerabilities.

The record-breaking patch release for Mac OS dwarfs Microsoft's record of 49 patches issued last month, and should work to humble users who have developed a reputation for arrogance, as well as a false sense of security.

The news is also a blow for trouble-prone Adobe, with a whopping 55 vulnerabilities being addressed. Adobe has also been the focus of more than a few Windows patches since the release of their latest version.

In a Twitter message from the Pwn2Own contest winner Charlie Miller, the Mac-hacking champ complains that the massive updates to the Mac OS do not even contain fixes for the bugs he exploited to take the title:

"Apple releases huge patch, still miss all my bugs. Makes you realize how many bugs are in their code (or they're very unlucky)," Miller Tweeted.

The fact that most Apple users have failed to accept is that the lack of major exploits in the wild aimed at the Mac was not due to the superiority of the OS, but instead to a minuscule market share relative to Windows.

Crimeware is a billion dollar business which requires a great deal of investment for research and development, just like any other enterprise. Naturally, criminal malware production is targeted at the largest market in an effort to garner the most profits.

Now that Mac has gained a larger share of the OS marketplace, it is only natural that cyber crooks would follow.

Mac users: Yes, that sound you hear is your wake up call!


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