WikiLeaks Loses Their Domain Names

Friday, December 03, 2010



WikiLeaks has lost the domain names and, limiting access to the whistleblower website using the alphabetical web addresses.

ZDNet reported that the  sites are still accessible by using the IP addresses and, but the first of the two addresses redirects to and the latter seems to be out of service.

This may indicate that WikiLeaks is having more problems with securing their website hosting and may still be suffering from a barrage of denial of service (DoS) attacks.

WikiLeaks had moved hosting to Amazon's formidable cloud-based server network to shelter their websites from the repeated DoS attacks, but Amazon announced Wednesday that they would no loger host the websites, but denies that it was because of political pressure applied by Senator Joe Lieberman. revoked the WikiLeaks domain names Thursday at 10pm US Eastern Standard Time due to the DoS attacks, according to ZDNet.

In an interview with Andy Greenberg of Forbes in early November, fugitive activist Julian Assange revealed that his next target is the private sector, and that WikiLeaks will be releasing documentation of improprieties by banking, pharmaceutical, financial and energy companies.

There are also reports that law enforcement in the U.K. are preparing to arrest Assange on warrants issued in Sweden for sexual assault.

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