ENISA Report on Network Information Security in Education

Monday, January 30, 2012

The European Network and Information Security Agency's (ENISA) Report on Network Information Security (NIS) in Education comes at a time when education and ITC are interrelated and interconnected more than ever.

The challenge of the digitally active citizen is to remain informed on the news coming from the dynamic field of ITC and of Information Security in particular.

Long life learning, formal, non-formal and informal education are on the agenda of policymakers. Children, youth and their peers, parents and educators are all part of the discussion and the recommendation is that they should cooperate and get involved as much as possible.

Through Network Information Security in Education we understand the transmission of basic safety information to the young, citizens using the internet. Our intention with is to start the knowledge transfer process between all involved actors in order to achieve sustainable results with a real impact on the European digital citizen.

One way to achieve this is by disseminating the work done in the last few years by ENISA by using a language that can be understood by the target group. We have summarized the findings of ENISA reports by means of concise information in form of fiches.

Interested parties can read and use this material and, if necessary, look for further details in the full documents. The selection of the reports was done in order to deliver content that is relevant to can be directly used for educational purposes.

In addition to the fiche produced, within this report we would like to point the excellent work in the field done by a series of organisations (national and international). In order to be updated and use the most relevant information needed we included some recommended readings both under “Related Work” in the Annex (see Annex III: Related work).

In the policy flagship of the European Commission, The Digital Agenda for Europe1, it is mentioned that ‘’Youth engagement will make the Digital Agenda a reality’’.

The information included in this consolidated report supports the process of being better informed, better educated and better involved in the area of NIS, thus contributing towards the objectives of the Digital Agenda.

Source:  http://www.enisa.europa.eu/act/sr/nis-brokerage-1/NetworkInformationSecurityinEducation.pdf

Download the full ENISA NIS report here:

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jony mark I agree with this article. and i also agree with the agenda of policymakers as they said "Long life learning, formal, non-formal and informal education are on the agenda". thanks.