International Coalition Issues Cybersecurity Policy Principles

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Information Technology Industry Council, in conjunction with DIGITALEUROPE, and the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, have issued joint cybersecurity policy recommendations.

The recommendations are designed to enhance public-private cooperation in regards to cybersecurity while attempting to stave off potentially burdensome over-regulation of the private sector on the part of government.

“Cybersecurity is a high priority for governments, society, and industry globally. Policy approaches to advance cybersecurity must meet security needs while preserving interoperability, openness, and a global market. Such approaches will result in enhanced security. In the right policy environment, we can increase security while maintaining the societal benefits derived from the growth and development of cyberspace," the group states.

The coalition seeks to maintain a level of openness and transparency in the process of developing standardized cybersecurity policies on an international level, with equal input from both government and and private industry stakeholders.

“In the United States and around the world, policymakers are keenly focused on the development of smart, effective, robust cyber defenses. This is as true for governments as it is for other public- and private-sector organizations. As countries draw up their plans, the tech sector wants to ensure that the digital world’s foundation of openness and collaboration is not lost to a well-intentioned but poorly constructed international patchwork of cyber defenses,” said ITI’s president and CEO Dean C. Garfield.

The group advocates the further development of a general framework from which individual nations can work to bolster their domestic cybersecurity posture while maintaining a high level of international cooperation, and the policy recommendations put forward by the coalition seeks to create a foundation for these efforts.

“Each country is required to grow and develop the industrial infrastructure and technology for robust development of cyber security and information security area. To achieve this, it is important for each government to develop a security strategy in cooperation with its industry partners.  Also, international coalition is essential to enhance cyber security of each country, so we would like to establish a framework of high level international cooperation in a manner consistent with global standards,” said JEITA’s senior executive vice president Hidekazu Hasegawa.


The Global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry Statement on Recommended Government Approaches to Cybersecurity can be downloaded here:

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