Protecting Your Data With Integrated Security Controls

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cyber threats continue to grow, with attacks occurring more frequently and targeting valuable and sensitive data such as intellectual property, health and financial records, and more.

Recent attacks on Sony, the IMF, Citibank, Lockheed Martin, the CIA and RSA are proof of this trend.

In addition, enterprise IT infrastructure has more servers and devices than ever, with organizations relying on a combination of virtual, physical and cloud environments.

While organizations often have preventive, detective and corrective security controls, rarely are they effectively integrated with each other. They’re also being used to protect a security perimeter that is now more porous than ever.

As a result, continuously managing these controls in the traditional, non-integrated way has become ineffective, timeconsuming and expensive. Something has to change.

The modern enterprise requires a new defense paradigm to protect their business from security threats. Not perimeter-based, but data-centric, and that can readily combine key information from multiple critical security controls to easily identify risks and threats and protect critical infrastructure and sensitive data.

This new paradigm must also streamline and simplify the job of managing the data these controls generate. Tripwire VIA, an integration platform for your critical security controls, provides this much-needed new approach.

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To learn more about this solution, download the Tripwire VIA Platform datasheet here:

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