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Disrupting an Adware-serving Skype Botnet

June 08, 2015 Added by:Ronnie Tokazowski

In the early days of malware, we all remember analyzing samples of IRC botnets that were relatively simple, where the malware would connect to a random port running IRC, joining the botnet and waiting for commands from their leader. In this day and age, it’s slightly different.

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Tox: Free Ransomware Toolkit Hits the Black Market

June 04, 2015 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

Do-it-yourself malware toolkits have been available on the black market for a long time, but now researchers have discovered the first ransomware variation for creating your own extortion campaigns – and it’s free to use.

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Surfing the Dark Web: How Attackers Piece Together Partial Data

June 04, 2015 Added by:Aaron Higbee

There is an entire cottage industry of people who go to great lengths to upgrade partial data to make it more valuable. On the Dark Web, one can easily find postings buying and selling this kind of partial information.

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More Than Meets the Eye

May 28, 2015 Added by:Chris Elisan

The philosophy of hiding in plain sight has been used both by the good and the bad guys. But the effect of hiding in plain sight is much more pronounced when applied to a malicious attack.

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Embracing Cyber Resilience in Today's Cyber-Enabled World

May 06, 2015 Added by:Steve Durbin

Organizations function in a progressively cyber-enabled world today and traditional risk management isn’t nimble enough to deal with the risks from activity in cyberspace. Enterprise risk management needs to be extended to create risk resilience, built on a foundation of preparedness.

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5 Ways Schools Can Upgrade Cyber Security

May 06, 2015 Added by:Paul Lipman

Today’s cyber criminals are more aggressive than ever before in their quest to achieve financial gains through hacking. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that our nation's schools are a prime target for such attacks. In this article, iSheriff CEO Paul Lipman highlights the five actions that can be taken to upgrade cyber security practices.

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This Carding Forum is Spamtacular

May 05, 2015 Added by:Malwarebytes

Credit card fraud is a huge problem, and by its very nature falls across the entire security spectrum.

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The Four Most Common Evasive Techniques Used by Malware

April 30, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Malware might be growing in sophistication when it comes to anti-detection measures, but every day, the security community arrives at new measures that use these same evasion tactics against the malicious software they are designed to protect.

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Social Engineering: Attackers' Reliable Weapon

April 29, 2015 Added by:Brian Prince

Whatever the ploy, social engineering is the opening salvo in targeted attacks against organizations all over the world.

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Hackers Tricked AT&T, Network Solutions Employees in Tesla Attack

April 28, 2015 Added by:Eduard Kovacs

The official website and Twitter accounts of Tesla Motors were briefly hijacked over the weekend. The electric car manufacturer has provided some details on the attack.

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8 Security Practices to Use in Your Employee Training and Awareness Program

April 27, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

This might be hard to believe, but it is true: 59 percent of data breaches are happening not because of some smart hacker who wants to do harm to your company but because of your own employees.

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Tech Brief: An Inside View of a Zero-Day Campaign

April 22, 2015 Added by:Malwarebytes

Discovering a new vulnerability in a popular piece of software is the Holy Grail for cybercriminals. The period between this vulnerability being weaponized into an exploit and becoming public knowledge poses a huge security risk to consumers and businesses.

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2015 Verizon DBIR and the Human Attack Surface

April 16, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) gives annual analysis and insight to the prior year’s security incidents and confirmed data breaches. As a security practitioner, I look to this report as a bellwether for our own security practices – what patterns are emerging and what should be my immediate takeaways to better protect my organization.

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Real-Time Bidding and Malvertising: A Case Study

April 15, 2015 Added by:Malwarebytes

Malvertising continues to be one of the biggest and most effective infection mechanism which, for the most part, is based on rogue advertisers inserting malicious ads in the machine.

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FFIEC Issues Guidance on Destructive Malware Attacks

April 14, 2015 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) released two documents with guidance for financial institutions on mitigating risks from the increase in cyber attacks that compromise user credentials or employ destructive software.

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FireEye Reveals APT30: A Decade-Long Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting South East Asia

April 12, 2015 Added by:Mike Lennon

FireEye on Sunday uncovered details of a decade-long cyber espionage campaign carried out by China targeting governments, journalists and businesses in South East Asia and India.

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