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Virtualization : the maneuver tactic !

December 17, 2009 Added by:K S Abhiraj

The lure of virtualization is clear. From the business perspective, it means faster time-to-market for new technology enabled services and a strong foundation for new strategic initiatives, such as cloud computing. For technology organizations, virtualization promises faster server provisioning, increased hardware utilization, and lower costs for disaster recovery (DR).

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Cloud Based Wireless Cracking Services

December 15, 2009 from: AEON Security Blog

Security researchers are leveraging cloud computing to crack WPA wireless passwords at a cost and we’re wondering what other nefarious deeds are being done via cloud computing that we’ve never heard about. To be fair about this, for starters if you take notice of PC World’s title for the article, “New Cloud-based Service Steals Wi-Fi Passwords” it’s completely w...

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Shodan scares me

December 04, 2009 from:

One of the problems of being white-hat hacker is that we scare ourselves. Such is the case of the "Shodan" engine that was released last month. It's a simple idea, one that has been discussed before. It simply scans the Internet for likely web server ports and indexes the HTTP headers that come back. Now that somebody has actually done it, and we can play wi...

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Sidekick Users' Data Lost: Blame the Cloud?

October 14, 2009 from:

Users of Sidekick mobile phones saw much of their data disappear last week due to engineering problems at a Microsoft data center. Sidekick devices lose the contents of their memory when they don't have power (e.g. when the battery is being changed), so all data is transmitted to a data center for permanent storage -- which turned out not to be so permanent.

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Microsoft's Danger SideKick and cloud computing

October 13, 2009 from:

Microsoft has demonstrated that the dark side of cloud computing has nosilver linings. After a major server outage occurred on its watch lastweekend, users dependent on the company have just been informed that theirpersonal data and photos "has almost certainly been lost."

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Squinting at Cloud Formations

October 12, 2009 Added by:Sudha Nagaraj

The problem with the cloud is that it can evaporate leaving no trace behind! The weekend thunderbolt that hit over a million subscribers of T-Mobile Sidekick, operated by the Microsoft subsidiary, Danger Inc in the US, is standing testimony to the whimsical nature of cloud computing.

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The Fully Auditable Cloud - Fact or Fiction

October 12, 2009 Added by:Bob Broda

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing phenomena that is being evaluated by companies of all sizes.   Though it has many positives, much of corporate America is not yet ready to accept migrating major applications to the cloud until concerns about security, privacy, and reliability are addressed.

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Cloud/SaaS will do for websites what PCI-DSS has not

October 02, 2009 from: Jeremiah Grossman's Blog

If a would-be Cloud/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer is concerned about security, and they should be since their business is on the line, then security should be the vendors concern as well. Unless the Cloud/SaaS vendor is able to meet a customer’s minimum requirements, they risk losing the business to a competitor who can.

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