Win a Platinum ISO 27001 & BS 25999 Compliance Documentation and Service Package - Q4 2010

Infosec Island is pleased to announce a special prize drawing specifically aimed at our member companies. The drawing winner will receive a Platinum ISO 27001 & BS 25999 Documentation and Service Package from the Information Security & Business Continuity Academy (details of package below).

To qualify for a chance to win this cutting edge compliance package, companies must have a completed profile registered at Infosec Island, as well as at least one employee with a completed member profile, including profile picture (details for eligibility below).

The drawing selection will be made from all eligible Island members employed by registered companies with completed profiles. The prize will be awarded to the company, along with kudos and acknowledgment for the lucky staff member chosen in the drawing.

The more registered members with completed profiles a company has, the greater their chance of winning this valuable ISO package - so encourage your coworkers and employees to take two minutes to complete their brief profile at Infosec Island today, and join your registered Company profile.

Infosec Island is committed to serving the risk mitigation needs of SMBs and mid-market enterprises across numerous industries, government agencies, legal, financial, healthcare, educational, nonprofit organizations, and the information security community at large. Membership is Free.

Registration must occur on or before December 31, 2010 for eligibility.

Fill out the brief registration HERE, and you will immediately receive an email confirmation. Login to your Island account, and use the "Edit Profile" option in the right hand column, then upload a profile picture using the "My Picture" tab. Your member profile is now complete, and you may now register your company (see below). You may also choose to link your Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn accounts to your Island profile (recommended), as well as choose to customize your content preferences. All individuals with completed profiles are also eligible to win other prizes throughout the year.

After completing a member profile, register your company while logged into the Island by choosing the option "My Company" in the right hand column. You will first be prompted to search to see if your company is already registered. If it is not, you will be prompted to create a new company profile. Companies are only eligible for the drawing if the profile is completed, including: Company Name, Description, City, State, Country, Zip Code, Industry, Number of Employees, Website URL, Address, and Company Phone Number.

The drawing pool will be made up of eligible employees (completed Island membership profiles including profile picture) who work for registered companies (completed Island company profile). There is no limit to the number of VALID registered employee profiles for any single member company - the more employees a company has registered as members at Infosec Island, the more chances the company has to win the Platinum ISO 27001 & BS 25999 Documentation and Service Package.

Prize Package Details:
The products that will be offered for the December 31st Company Membership drawing at Infosec Island are the following:

  • Platinum Package from Information Security & Business Continuity Academy. For this purpose, 6 months subscription will be included, worth US$3,594.00
  • ISO 27001 & BS 25999 Premium Documentation Toolkit worth US$849.00

Total value of quarterly drawing promotion is US$4,443.00

Platinum Package includes the following online services:
E-learning Tutorials
The purpose of E-learning Tutorials is to teach the participants everything they need to know about ISO 27001 / BS 25999-2 implementation:

  • a series of four E-learning (also called On-line or Distance Learning) Tutorials describing step by step implementation of all phases of ISO 27001 and  BS 25999-2
  • tutorials are available in the following languages: English, Croatian and Spanish
  • tutorials include:
    • documents and procedures the certification body will be looking for during certification for ISO 27001/BS 25999-2
    • a detailed description of risk assessment & risk treatment so you don't have to use complicated and expensive tools
    • contents of the ISMS Policy, Risk Assessment Report,Statement of Applicability, Risk Treatment Plan, document management procedure, internal audits, corrective and preventive controls, as well as other mandatory documents according to ISO 27001
    • contents of the BCMS Policy, business impact analysis,business continuity strategy, business continuity plan with incident response and recovery plans, as well as all other mandatory documents according to BS 25999-2
    • records that must be kept

The purpose of the Forum is to enable participants to ask for advice about the implementation of ISO 27001 / BS 25999-2:

  • any question posted on the Forum is answered by the author of the E-learning Tutorial Dejan Kosutic, within one working day
  • any question concerning the implementation of ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2 may be posted, whether it is related to the E-learning Tutorials or not
  • an unlimited number of questions may be posted
  • the Forum is currently available in English only

Personal Support service
Through the Personal Support service the client receives customized support for his or her ISO 27001 / BS 25999-2 implementation:

  • the client communicates directly with the author of the E-learning Tutorial Dejan Kosutic, who will answer your question within one working day
  • communication is conducted via e-mail, telephone or Skype
  • the client may ask any question about the implementation of ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2, whether it is related to the E-learning Tutorials or not, and may also request a review of submitted documents
  • as part of our service we take care that the clients perform all implementation steps necessary for a successful certification
  • communication is confidential at all times, and no one else has access to the correspondence
  • the Personal Support service is currently available in English only

ISO 27001 & BS 25999 Premium Documentation Toolkit includes the following:

  • 57 documents, which include all the documentation required by ISO 27001 and BS 25999 standards
  • The documents are in MS Word 97-2003 and MS Excel 97-2003 format
  • The document templates are 90% completed, the users need to fill in the name of their organization, who is responsible for what, the specifics of their processes etc.

Target market:
Geographically, the target market for these products are English, Spanish and Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro) speaking countries, including:

  • small organizations with a budget that is not sufficient to hire a consultant - with our assistance they can independently implement the standards step by step and obtain successful certification
  • medium-size or large organizations that have hired a consultant for implementation or that already have the necessary knowledge for implementation through our E-learning tutorials that knowledge can be supplemented and extended to all members of their project team
  • organization which hasn't yet decided to implement these standards our tutorials can give them an insight into the details of what to expect if they decide to implement the standards
  • consultant who is considering to start working with ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2 with our help he/she can get a good basis for expanding the business
  • teacher or student who is studying the field of information security and business continuity through our e-learning tutorials they can learn about practical experience with implementation
  • person who wishes to expand field-specific knowledge our E-learning tutorials will provide the basics for advancement in this very specific field

There are no special requirements or conditions to use our products the customer must have a broadband connection to the Internet and must have a basic knowledge of IT.

Prize Sponsor: Information Security & Business Continuity Academy (IS&BCA)
Information Security & Business Continuity Academy is the largest online resource for ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2 implementation. Its mission is to help various organizations throughout the world to implement an information security management system according to ISO 27001 or a business continuity management system according to BS 25999-2 in an inexpensive but effective way through various on-line products.