Black Hat USA 2011: Ivan Ristic - Director of Engineering - Qualys

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ivan Ristic is the Director of Engineering at Qualys, and is a respected security expert and book author, known especially for his contribution to the web application firewall field and the development of ModSecurity, the open source web application firewall.

He is the author of Apache Security, a comprehensive security guide for the Apache web server.

A frequent speaker at computer security conferences, Ivan is an active participant in the application security community, member of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and officer of the Web Application Security Consortium (WASC).


Ivan's specialties include open source, web application firewalls, UNIX server security, application security, security training, security source code review and security architecture review.

Ivan is also prolific in secure programming, concurrent programming, C, Java, web application development, relational databases and software project management.

Other areas of expertise include scalable Internet architectures, design and development of complex networked systems. Single-source publishing.

Bio information via Corporate site and/or LinkedIn 

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