BSidesSF: HP's Rafal Los on Network Security Challenges

Friday, March 02, 2012

Rafal Los is the Chief Security Evangelist for HP Software and took a few minutes to discuss challenges associated Enterprise Network Security.

He works with customers, the industry, and community on effectively bringing business and technology together securely for the modern InstantOn Enterprise.

Raf's challenge is helping organizations tactically and strategically support the vast array of business technology platforms, corporate initiatives, and disruptive consumer technologies in a risk-averse manner while being able to measure the positive impact to their business performance.


Raf combines over a decade of deep technical expertise in information security and risk management with a critical business perspective.

From technical research to building and implementing enterprise application security programs, Los has a proven track record with organizations of diverse sizes and verticals.

He is a sought after speaker at both public and private information security and quality conferences, and has presented at events produced by OWASP, ISSA, SecTor, Black Hat, DEFCON, and SANS and many others.

Staying active and contributing to the community - he participates in OWASP, the Cloud Security Alliance and other industry groups, and is a regular contributor at Infosec Island.

Prior to joining HP, Raf served as a security lead at a Global Fortune 100 firm, and also contributed to the organization's security and risk-management strategy internally and with their customers.

Raf prides himself on being able to add a 'tint of corporate realism' to information security. He received his B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Concordia University, River Forest, Ill.

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