BSidesSF: Lenny Zeltser on Infosec Recruitment

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Lenny Zeltser and Lee Kushner presented at Security BSides San Francisco on elements of successful infosec interviewing  and hiring from the perspective of both sides of the process: the candidate and the employer.

Landing the perfect security job and finding the right candidate takes more than merely matching the person’s skills to the job requirements. The hiring manager and the candidate explore each other’s traits and persuade each other of the right fit during email, phone and in-person interactions.

Succeeding at these discussions and getting the upper hand requires understanding your negotiation objectives and the other party’s tactics.


The two speakers, experienced in recruiting, hiring and job-searching, and their presentation alternated between the two viewpoints to clarify how each side sees topics such as the resume’s role, the job’s appeal, career advancement, interview communications and compensation. They provided insight into the hiring process and dispeledl some of the myths of how it really works.

Lee Kushner operates Information Security Leaders , an information security career resource and sponsor of the BSidesSFO event. Their website provides career advice and guidance for information security professionals as they address the challenges in the development of their information security careers.

Lenny Zeltser is a Director at NCR Corporation where he focuses on safeguarding IT operations of small and midsize businesses world-wide. His recent work has focused on malware defenses and cloud-based services, and he teaches how to analyze and combat malware at SANS Institute as a senior faculty member. He also participates as a Board of Directors member at SANS Technology Institute and volunteers as an incident handler at the Internet Storm Center.

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