Security Incident Management

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When you’re faced with an incident what do you do? Do you even realise there’s an incident? Do you ignore it? Or do you hide under the covers?

All these things happen and usually the best laid plans usually end up in the bin when an incident does strike. How can one prevent this?  Think of the cheesy lines a superhero would say such as,

  • “Expect the unexpected”
  • “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”
  • “I’m batman”

Well you catch my drift. There are two things to good incident management:

1. Detect the incident. Put decent burglar alarms to let you know when something isn’t right.

2. Know how to respond. Yes, you can’t prepare for each individual incident that may occur. But you should have at least a high level plan that states you needs to call the deputy chief, who will call the chief, who will call the commissioner who will shine a bright light into the sky.


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