Javvad Malik Interviews Steve Lord at Black Hat EU 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Steve Lord, penetration tester extraordinaire and co-founder of 44Con, was at Black Hat Europe 2012 to talk about compromising MiFi (portable WiFi) devices to use for nefarious and not so nefarious purposes.

But mainly for nefarious purposes (insert manic laughter)...


Javvad's coverage of Black Hat Europe courtesy of Infosec Island and NETpeas.

Be sure to check out the New Release of COREvidence Multi-Engine Vulnerability Service from NETpeas:

This newest release comes with a bunch of new features and concepts. The dashboard has been designated to display clear and specific data for our users. At a glance customers determine the assets with the least secure status.  All relevant information related to vulnerabilities such as criticality, attack vectors and an overall scoring grade patented by NETpeas (ScoRISK™) is there to help out customers to better prepare & organize the "Patch Management Process".

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Philip Polstra Steve's talk was excellent. I believe that he finally got the manufacturer to give up the source code for the MiFi device recently. You might want to ping him if you are interested in this type of stuff.

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