Javvad Malik Interviews Nabil Ouchn at Black Hat EU 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nabil Ouchn is a co-founder of NETPeas and the person behind the vastly impressive ToolsWatch.

Nabil took the time to speak to us a bit about ToolsWatch and their involvement in the Black Hat arsenal...

Follow Nabil on Twitter @Toolswatch

Javvad's coverage of Black Hat Europe courtesy of Infosec Island and NETpeas.

Be sure to check out the New Release of COREvidence Multi-Engine Vulnerability Service from NETpeas:

This newest release comes with a bunch of new features and concepts. The dashboard has been designated to display clear and specific data for our users. At a glance customers determine the assets with the least secure status.  All relevant information related to vulnerabilities such as criticality, attack vectors and an overall scoring grade patented by NETpeas (ScoRISK™) is there to help out customers to better prepare & organize the "Patch Management Process".

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