BSidesLV 2012: Termineter Framework and Smart Meter Testing

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spencer McIntyre is a security consultant at SecureState where he focuses on penetration testing and tool development. He spends most of his free time focusing on his primary interests of vulnerability research and exploit development.


The "Power Grid" is a growing topic in the security industry and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a topic that hasn't been discussed to its full potential. Spencer's presentation discussed the types of vulnerabilities that have been found in Smart Meters, and gave examples from real world assessments he conducted.

Different methods of accessing the meter were presented such as over the optical interface and the Zigbee wireless radio. In addition, he discussed a testing methodology SecureState developed called Termineter which covers Smart Meter testing.

Finally a live demonstration of the attacks that were discussed was performed on a real Smart Meter during the presentation for the audience. The live demonstration featured the first public release of a new open-source tool that has been developed for the testing of Smart Meters.

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