Fighting Threats in the Age of Cyberwar

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Article by Cindy Valladares

Roger Thompson, the Chief Emerging Threat Researcher at ICSA, shares some wonderful stories with Anthony M. Freed at the 2012 BlackHat conference in Las Vegas.

Thompson addresses an emerging problem that he labels as the “cyber war,” which really came into play in 2010 with the discovery of Stuxnet, an industrial-sized computer worm.

Thompson and Freed freely discuss the different attributes and actions malware holds today, including the ability to fake certifications and affect kinetic damage. In regards to cyber crime and malware, Thompson adds “the game is changed and the stakes have been raised.”

Check out this video for the whole story!


Thompson is a pioneer in combating malware. In 1987, he created Australia’s first anti-virus program, Virus Buster, after recognizing a trend in malware lifecycles: malware would be developed, released into the wild and then become extinct. Thompson evaluates how evolving threats impact consumer use of new technologies, such as smartphones, tablets and social-media sites at ICSA Labs.

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