Electronic Frontier Foundation: Civil Liberties in the Digital World

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Article by Cindy Valladares

In technology today, there are infinite amounts of products and services at the disposal of businesses and consumers alike. 

In the online world, people are bombarded on a daily basis with offers to buy the new greatest product or service in town, whether it’s for a cell phone or a system to protect your business information. What many people do not realize, are the efforts being made to censor the internet.

Anthony M. Freed, from Infosec Island spent time covering the BlackHat event in Las Vegas. While at the conference Freed was able to meet up with Hanni Fahkoury, a staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who shared some of the ideas and roles of the EFF:

“We’ve been defending and fighting for freedom on the internet. So if the government or private organization tries to censor speech online, tries to shut down security researchers from presenting their research, we help to step in and make sure there is open communication and the internet and technology remains free and robust for everyone to use...."

Check out this video to learn more about EFF and the Coders Rights Project!


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