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Utilizing Network Security Solutions: A Customer’s Perspective

August 16, 2012

Anyone can go research IT companies and make decisions based solely on what they read, but this is not how people make decisions. People interested in buying a product or service want to know if it will work, how well it has worked in the past, and if current customers are happy with the product or service...

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Translating Security for the Non-Technical Folks

August 15, 2012

To provide more effective data protection that combines preventive and detective controls, a security admin can obtain the necessary technical information to create reports and dashboards that translate data into terms the business understands to make information security visible, measurable and accountable...

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IS Controls: Protective, Detective and Recovery

March 09, 2012

To manage risks better, you often have to recommend or examine controls. The types of controls can be broken down into three types, Protective, Detective and Recovery...

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BSidesSF: HP's Rafal Los on Network Security Challenges

March 02, 2012

Rafal Los is the Chief Security Evangelist for HP Software and took a few minutes to discuss challenges associated with Enterprise Network Security. He works with customers, the industry, and the community on effectively bringing business and technology together securely...

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Three minutes to data loss protection with Blue Coat

August 11, 2010

Data loss protection is still an evolving field, but Blue Coat brings a comprehensive solution that can be quickly configured to stop leaks of confidential data to unauthorized users. Is your data leaving with employees that are getting downsized? Is your customer list now the property of one of your competitor's? The Blue Coat DLP Appliance can detect when critical information is being copied fro...

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